Ambassador Program

Who can you introduce to Cherry Wealth Advisors?

There is truly no greater compliment you can give our office than the referral of a family member or friend. Below, we’ve included information on who may be a good candidate for our firm and some ways you can introduce them to us.

Who can you introduce to Cherry Wealth Advisors?

  • Anyone who is retired
  • Anyone preparing for retirement
  • Anyone unhappy with their current advisor
  • Anyone disappointed with low interest rates
  • Anyone who has lost money in the stock market
  • Individuals with a recent major life change
  • Or simply, anyone needing a second opinion on their wealth strategy

How do you introduce them to Cherry Wealth Advisors?

We host dinner seminars throughout the year, which are wonderful opportunities for your friends and family to get to know us and what we do. We also host client events open to the public.

We always welcome your friends and families to call us to schedule an appointment. If you would like more information on when these events will take place or to RSVP, please contact us at (850) 243-7799.

For more information, please call Nathaly Diaz at: (850) 243-7799. 

Take a peek at some of our previous ambassador events:

2019 Ambassador Night:

2017 Ambassador Night:

2016 Ambassador Night:

Ready to Take The Next Step?

For more information about any of the products and services listed here, schedule a meeting today or register to attend a seminar.

Or give us a call at (850) 243-7799