Thank you for scheduling your appointment with CWA.

This first meeting is a "get to know you" or what we call: the Discovery visit. It will help us understand what your goals are in retirement and address any questions or concerns you may have with wealth management.
Our goal is not to make everyone a client, some families are exactly where they need to be to reach their goals. Other times, we discover that families would benefit from making adjustments to their current plan. Either way, you can be sure that we will do what is in your best interest.
Below we've included a list of items we suggest you have available. If you would prefer, you can upload these documents in the next screen.

  • Most recent Brokerage, Retirement or Investment statements
  • Most recent Fixed or Variable Annuity statements
  • Most recent Bank or Credit Union account statements such as:
    • CD’s
    • Money Market
    • Savings
  • Most recent Tax Return
  • Long-Term Care and Life Insurance Information

And any other documents you would like for us to review during your visit.

If married, we do recommend both husband and wife to be present, if possible.

Please complete "Step 2"  to ensure that our time together is as productive as possible

If you prefer to print the form to bring to the meeting, click here to download- Confidential Financial Questionnaire