Fixed 4.00% for 5-years

Platinum Assure Series 5

Guaranteed Annuity

Have lazy money or cd's coming due?

The Platinum Assure 5 Guaranteed Annuity* is the perfect place to “park” your lazy money for five years and earn 4.00% guaranteed!!
  • The Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity earns a fixed rate for five years
  • Minimum deposits of $20,000
  • Additional deposits to an existing account are not permitted
  • Your interest will be added to your account balance
  • Interest earned is tax-deferred until the Annuity Funds are withdrawn
Withdrawal Privileges – Interest only withdrawals available. A surrender penalty applies for any withdrawals above the interest earned.  At the end of the five-year term you may withdrawal the principal and interest earned.
If you have accounts currently making less than 4.00%; call Cherry Wealth Advisors today to learn more!

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